About Us

Tregawn Farm is situated in the parish of Michaelstow, between the picturesque Allen Valley and Bodmin Moor, approximately four miles from the North Cornish coast.  It was purchased by E.W. Button in 1939 and is now managed by his grandson, Joe Button.

It is an arable-based farm, growing blueberries, potatoes and cereals.   The blueberries are grown in polytunnels and marketed through major supermarkets during the British Blueberry Season. 

Salad, maincrop and processing potatoes are grown for major supermarkets, processors and exporters.  Potatoes are grown in North and East Cornwall to take advantage of the topography of the area. 

The crop rotation supports malting barley used by a local brewery, feed wheat and forage maize for local livestock producers and brassicas and catch crops to condition the soil.